what are the easiest settings for a newbie?

My brother doesn’t know anything about computers. He is not at all interested with computers.
So I think that he will block certain processes by entering the wrong keys so the operating system will block itself.

So what are the safest settings for my brother so he can not ruin his windows operating system and applications???
There must be a in and out protection… But he click everything the wrong choises so i think he will block all the programs and then… it’s a mess…

so what are the easiest settings so that my brother cannot ruin or destroy his pc settings?

With any security software it involves user intervention. If you click allow to something you should have blocked then you might allow a virus to run. If you click block to something that should be aloud then that program will not work. Comodo is fine right of the start. No special attention needed. The only thing you might want to try is put the firewall and D+ in training mode for a couple of days. DO NOT LEAVE COMODO IN TRAINING MODE FOR ANY LONGER THEN THAT. I stress that cause when using training mode everything will be trusted with no alerts including viruses. What are you running for an AV? You should teach your brother how to handle alerts and what to do. That is the best advice.