What are the differences between Dragon and Chromodo [merged]

I understand both are based on Chromium project.

  1. So what is the difference between these two?
  2. Which one should I install?
  3. Do both of them include Private Dog and these type of secure/privacy COMODO extensions?

Thank you.
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Which should I choose: Comodo's Dragon or Chromium Secure? If you prefer Chrome, you can chose between two significantly enhanced Chromium browsers in Comodo Dragon or Chromium Secure. Comodo Dragon has Comodo's colors and feel, whereas Chromium Secure gives you a more familiar look and feel of browsers such as Google Chrome and the Chromium Browser.

https://www.comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/chromium-secure-internet-browser.php?key5sk0=2005&key5sk1=cabbbc394b277ad794041409054d8b98e13b68a9 (Frequent Questions )

Ohh, thank you very much! :wink:

So the only difference in in appearance? Why develop another browser then? Couldn’t that have been worked into CD’s code?

Hi guys,
Two other differences that I have noticed.

  1. Chromodo doesn’t have a portable option, Dragon does.
  2. Chromodo doesn’t have the ‘Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)’ option, Dragon does.

There maybe other differences that I haven’t noticed.

Kind regards.

  1. Chromodo will have portable option, Shane said that on somewhere of forum.
  2. Comodo Secure DNS can be disabled by un-checking it.

There is no need for a browser for this changes :-X
There must be something but there is not. :-TD
As I said before They are wasting Comodo’s money…

Hi yigido,

I know, I was just pointing out the current differences for the benefit of the opening poster.

I personally like the idea of Comodo Secure DNS having ease of access and browser specific.

Yes I heard you the first time and while I agree that Chromodo wasn’t necessary, I can also see Comodos point of view having both.
Eventually the development of one should complement the other. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

I’d like to know the difference between Dragon and Chromodo?

Dragon goes t he continued to be distributed because I have the impression that there is more updated?

Hi magneto,
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Reading back through it should answer your question.

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Unfortunately these posts do bring me not much response. I understand security is more complete on Chromodo!
Why create Chromodo, rather than improve Dragon that uses the same source code.
Dragon will it continue to be developed?

Dragon is not forgotten:

Comodo simply has two Chromium based browsers. Chromodo is for third party companies who are interested in a Chromium based and look alike browser with Comodo touch.

I download both Chromodo and COMODO Dragon and only Dragon lets me make the portable version hope that is fixed on Chromodo 42.

Download them from here:

COMODO Dragon - Best Internet Browser 2022 | Free Secure Web Browser

Chromodo - https://www.comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/chromodo-private-internet-browser.php?track=2742&key5sk0=2742&key5sk1=110d563c6d9064feb9a8b2f72d37f9d6c29ab6da

Also can anyone tell me what is different between COMODO Dragon and Chromodo besides the skin.

Hi razorfancy,
Regarding portable Chromodo, I will remind Staff of the suggestion as you are not alone.
Edit: Staff have informed me that the portable option during installation is being worked on.

Kind regards.

What is the relationship Comodo Dragon and Comodo Chromodo both are?

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So, truly the only difference is an other default-theme/icon and a more optionable installer for Dragon?

Is Chromodo basically just a different skin of Comodo Dragon?

What’s the difference?

Hi F1R3,
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aye aye captn!

I’ve always used Dragon and while installing the firewall on a computer I noticed the option for Chromodo, just wondering if someone who is happy with Dragon should look into it or not.

At this point what it looks like to me is that there is no point in checking out Chromodo if your satisfied with Dragon. It doesn’t technically seem like Comodo simply reskinned Dragon, but built it more or less from the ground up off Chromium to be like Dragon, with a more mainstream look.

This was confusing looking at the descriptions between Chromodo and Dragon, trying to decide the pros and cons of each–when there really are none (once Chromodo catches up to Dragon with things like portable install.)

I think a better option would be to have 1 Chromium based browser based off Dragon, with the option to toggle between the flavors.

Continuing to develop Chromium seems unnecessary. Although it has a clever name, the real meat of the project doesn’t add up to anything deserving of being a standalone browser.

Just my 2 bitcoins.