What are the BIGGEST issues with Registry Cleaners?

This is a general question about the biggest issues with registry cleaners.

What do you think these are?



They ■■■■■ up your system instead of repairing it. 88)


They ■■■■■ up your system instead of repairing it.

I second that :).

The biggest issue I had with another registry cleaner was that it crippled Microsoft installer, making uninstalling/ repairing programs using it a nightmare. I have used CRC and so far this isnt an issue.

For me to use a thorough registry cleaner, such as CRC, I really need to totally trust the vender. In the case of CRC its (B).

Thanks again for all your efforts and I will continue to test and promote your fantastic products in return :■■■■


Agreed. They might break a function of some programs or completely crash the PC. I’ve never had an issue like those mentioned, but I know others who’ve had.

  1. The biggest issue, I think, is not that it may cause system damage. The real issue arises when the backups won’t revert the system to its previous condition. I experienced this in RegSeeker, which stored proper .reg backups. Still they were unable to restore the system. Hence I had to reformat. And it wasn’t even my own system. :frowning:

  2. Another issue would be reg-cleaners causing damage that you don’t notice until a long time later. E.g. RegSeeker once messed up AutoCAD - or Microsoft .NET Framework - I actually don’t know which one. But the result was that AutoCAD didn’t work properly. Now, I could quickly track this to RegSeeker, but this isn’t always possible. Especially if it takes weeks between the registry cleaning and the moment you launch the application which has been damaged. By that you may think that the system works fine and maybe you’ve deleted your backups.


Guess what, problem #1 above was actually related to M$ Installer! It got messed up and I couldn’t restore it in any way. Several applications depending on the Installer system wouldn’t launch anymore… like Word & Excel.


I think i should at least make a restore point so you can go back in case something goes wrong.

How many performance do you actually gain from cleaning up ?

Biggest issue has to be that is screws up your PC. Registry Cleaners through out good with the bad…

For example. 2 years ago on my old desktop PC (Now used a laptop), I LOVED & played with Registry Cleaners all the time! I actually downloaded 4 Registry Cleaners (Big no no!!) and ran them all. I used all kinds of utilities.

Next day, Got window errors! I couldn’t print, Etc… 2 years ago my weakness was utilities. Paid 100 bux to get my PC Fixed. So at the end of they do, It’s simple - they ■■■■■ up your PC, and yes I do KNOW Comodo are taking the right path & direction.


Like everyone else said, they ■■■■■ up your system. In my opinion most registry cleaners are a scam, that point out harmless errors to encourage people who don’t know any better into purchasing, which is required before they will fix the errors. But at least by sticking to the harmless errors they are unlikely to ■■■■■ up the system. The worst are the free registry cleaners, written by some hobbyist programmer and only tested on his PC and his granny’s. I think my registry has been hosed every time I’ve been daft enough to try a free registry cleaner. I had to restore Windows from the manufacturer’s restore CD the last time. Restore points are no good if Windows is so wrecked you can’t even start it.

One of the very few I would trust is PC Tools Registry Mechanic. They have been developing it a long time and have sold millions of copies so I think by now they should know the things to avoid doing.

I am afraid there is just no way I am going to try a brand new registry cleaner, and I really don’t know why Comodo is doing one.