What are the best CIS settings for a PC reformat?.

Hi People,
I intend to re-install my Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Operating System soon and would like to know what the best settings would be for the Firewall and Defence+ would be considering I will have to then reinstall all my other programs as well as having to download and install all the Windows updates including SP3 to date.
In order to safely do this and avoid thousands of pop-ups what do you guys recommend would be the best setting out of Training Mode, Safe Mode or Clean PC to set in CIS v3.9 for a reformat?.

I always go with Proactive Security configuration, though I lower D+ to Clean PC Mode and raise Firewall to Custom Policy Mode. This is the best configuration for me - quite silent in terms of D+ warnings - but I get alerts for any application that wants to establish an internet connection. That’s how I want a firewall to react (not silently like Comodo does in Safe Mode)!

When installing many trusted programs from scratch, I always disable D+ to completely eliminate noise. Then I set it to Clean PC Mode, launch all apps and let D+ learn my apps.

What’s your thoughts on this? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply LeoniAquila,
I haven’t used v3.9 and can’t remember seeing Proactive Security on v3.8. Could you post a screen shot of your CIS v3.9 front page if you don’t mind?.

It depends on whether you install the whole package or not. I have everything except the toolbar (which is now not needed) and just let it run at defaults for the most part. I use Internet security configuration and Clean PC mode. In Internet Security mode, image execution is disabled but you can turn it on if you want but you will get more popups. I have been reading about CIS constantly since first installing it and I have come to the opinion that with the full package, Image execution does not need to be turned on because the AV and D+ will stop any bad apps from executing in the first place. From my reading, I get the impression that you only need to have Image Execution turned on if you have only installed the firewall and not the AV. Turning it on with the AV installed is pretty much redundant.

If you are reformatting, I would let it install at defaults and just put it in training mode while you reinstall your other software that you know is safe. After that is done,Clean PC mode and Safe Mode for the firewall should be fine,in my opinion.

Hi, sorry, I’m not on a CIS equiped machine right now. It’s however easy to find: right-click the tray icon and chose from Configurations (or My Configurations, I don’t remember exactly). Or go to Miscellaneous | My Configurations.

You can find the Configuration settings by right clicking the CIS Tray Icon > Configuration

Also, through Main Gui > Miscellaneous > manage My Configuration. Simply Right-Click to activate.