What are the benefits if any of using sandboxie and Cis v4 sandbox together?.

Hi Guys. I have been using sandboxie for some time now as well as Cis version 3. However as the new Beta has a sandbox i wondered if there was any reason/ benefit in continued use of sanboxie, when Cis v4 comes out of Beta?.I am aware that the two programs differ, but need some info into whether it wopuld possibly be overkill or have a conflict if i used both at the same time.


Well, since you’re generally asking for trouble if you have two applications trying to do the same thing at the same time, I’d suspect it’s not a good idea to use them both.

However, as I understand it, Comodo is using a different approach with their sandbox technique, so there may be no conflict. I don’t know, maybe someone that uses Sandboxie is also running the beta and can speak up.

When I had the CIS 4 Beta for 3/4 days I had no problems with sandboxie.


comodo sandbox as mentioned above operates in a different way … honestly , i have no idea what it really does … but it seems that it really works pretty fine with sandboxie. I threw some nasty stuff and they haven’t passed comodo sandbox , while of course watching them inside sandboxie , after that I went back to D+ log and it said that xxx.exe has been sandboxed as regular , but some way somehow the malware didn’t work and didn’t do anything … why ? what exactly happened inside the comodo sandbox … !I don’t know yet so if any1 can give as a real example on a real malware and capturing some pictures , that will be very helpful to understand what exactly is going on inside the sandbox :-\

regards … ! :wink:

Hi Guys. Thanks for the info. i think as Cis sandbox and sandboxie do slightly different things i may have a play around on my test machine, and see what happens.


AFAIK the CISv4 sandbox isn’t performing as it should right now. Hold of the compatibility tests till later.

Been running both for a bit and havent seen any issues, whether there will be any in the future who knows. Im sure it will be sorted if things crop up!

Win 7 32Bit

I allways like to run the browser sandboxed after i`ve set it up how i like it, then all you have to do is empty the box and your back to the original.

Maybe thats why your not having any issues. Cause CIS Sandbox isn’t fully completed yet.

I’d imagine 2x file virtulization would cause conflicts. Talk about overlap.