What are Star Group Members?

Congratulations and welcome to the Star Group members.

Star Group members are a very carefully selected group of members that have been chosen by Global Moderator vote, to carry out pre-release testing on CIS major and significant point versions.
The selection was based on many factors, some of which but not all is their continued support and effort in bug reporting, usability/wish-list ideas, also general helpful contributions on the Forum.
The group will also undoubtedly be continuing their efforts towards bug reporting, suggestions for usability enhancements/wishes and helping the general users once the release is issued.

Pre-released products and product information are confidential, so please do not make any requests for information or a download link from the Star Group.

This is a new concept for Comodo in product testing, in the hope that future products will have more bugs rectified and greater usability enhancements before being released to the public.

Please note: Membership of the Star Group is strictly by invitation only. All invitees will have been thoroughly reviewed by a panel of Moderators before being selected.

This has been a joint effort between Staff and Moderators to help make our favorite Internet Security product the best in the World!
Thank you.

Thank you to the other Moderators and Staff for their contributions in creating this topic.