What are IANA, RIPE and APNIC?

What’s with them, svchost and an out going connection?


Since I terminate the connection, I got another request by svchost to connect with what looked like my router. It had some other other info. Next time I’ll take a snapshot.

wow…that sounds really bad! (:KWL)

OK we all have that type of traffic, especially when you run software using UPNP like MSN messenger or else, that make your router slightly more visible on the network. IANA or ICANN are just those guys in charge of assigning a different IP to each user surfing the Internet on the planet. They browse the network permanently and I suppose UPNP just alerts them. They’re just checking you’re the right guy at the right place, nothing to worry about, and if CFP blocks them you should be glad. No need to send a screenshot, again, we all have traffic from IANA. (:WIN)

adding: don’t bother terminating the connections with them, they will always come back, but they should be naturally blocked by CFP, as I noticed already a while ago in version 2.4 and now with 3.0.

last time I read an article about IANA was a few months ago: they were thinking of moving away from the US to Europe, complaining of too much pressure from the US government; they “normally” are an independent organization… :THNK

Don’t bother terminating them, they’ll be back but they should be blocked naturally by CFP?

Which is it? (:NRD)

What are RIPE and APNIC, and why they’re trying to connect to my computer? (see the picture above) Please clarify me, I’m curous.

I have Windows Vista.

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RIPE and APNIC are the two legendary drunken boys who created the IP address database (:KWL).



Oh, I forgot the Wikipedia. Thanks. But why they wanna connect to me? I assume they are safe.

Maybe they’re lonely. I honestly don’t know.


Looks like the same type of 'service" as IANA.


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