what are changes between and version that is going to be released 18th

Thank you for reading my post
I found Comodo firewall much more stable than its Antivirus.
I use it in both laptop and desktop (lately i used bitdefender but now for firewall i switched to Comodo)

What i want to know is:

what are new features and enhancement in version that you are going to release in 18th ?
i have and i will update to new release as soon as it become available.


Check the beta release-threads in this beta section :wink:


But after the release, it will be more easy to answer your question :slight_smile:

Thank you,
but you know, i am eaget to see what will be added to next release.
Its a habbit of open source/free application users to see a roadmap and release plan :slight_smile:

Yes, but nothing like that does exist for Comodo Firewall, I haven’t seen one. But waiting after a release isn’t to bad :wink:

But I agree, we all want to know, what features that will come to this masterpiece :slight_smile: