What antiviruses are compatible with Comodo Firewall?

I know some have problems with D+ and the sandbox.

Comodo AntiVirus works well.

I know that :). This is more for youtube antimalware testing where some reviewers ask what do you want to see tested next. I know Avast and Comodo work well, but that is the only combo of Comodo and a 3rd party AV I have seen.

I’ve heard that Avira works, but I’ve had no experience with it.

I believe MSE has no known problems. Also, I know that Avast can be configured to play nice as well. For configuring Avast you may want to read this post.

I’ve also seen that it plays well with Immunet Protect Free.

Microsoft Security Essentials is known to work with CFP without a problem.

Saw a video where Panda played nice.

Webroot secureanywhere works well.

Right now I use Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Comodo Firewall + Panda URL Filtering + ****** DNS Server.
I have no problem on my laptop. But boot time with CIS is faster than CFW+EAM. :slight_smile:

I think the D+ and sandbox problems got fixes in 5.9. At least they work now in my machine.
Avira works well and Panda Cloud. CIS cloud antivirus is a nice addition to Avira. And also Malwarebytes Antimalware. But if tou do safe computing why not use Comodo AV?

I don’t use Comodo AV now because its has high False positive. With every full scan of my pc it detects more than 60 trojan and malware but they are just FPs.