what anti malware software do you use?

Hello everyone I use avast free, spybot search and destroy, and recently am trying Hitman pro, and mawarebytes anti-malware. I look forward to your critiques and debate on what best free anti-malware and combination of such provides excellent detection rates and security.

Please rate my antimalware security selection, how good the detection rates are and advice for better detection rates. Is my setup good enough to protect against malware?

I’m using the AV part of CIS, Malwarebytes-Free, A-Squared Free, SuperAntiSpyware, Hitman Pro, and Comodo Cloud Scanner.

The one that I value the most in terms of detection is A-Squared Free. You do, however, have to be very careful about checking the detections to make sure they’re not FPs, but other that that in my opinion it’s the best.

Personally I don’t believe that Spybot Search and Destroy is very effective any more. That’s just from what I’ve heard. I haven’t tried it in years.

Laptop : KAV + Outpost free

I use the Comodo AV and Firewall with D+ for real time protection and I use Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware for on demand scans. I have found Malwarebytes to be excellent at removing occasional infections from the other machine here that uses the Windows Firewall and first Norton AV and now Microsoft Security Essentials. My machine never gets infected.

CIS (with antivirus stateful, defense + safe mode, firewall custom policy mode, proactive configuration) - this is my main line of defense…and it has not failed me yet.

For weekly on demand scans: superantispyware, hitman pro, and malwarebytes. I sometimes use A-squared (but it tends to have a lot of false positives). I use these on demand to make sure I have not been infected, but so far nothing has penetrated CIS!

I have CIS (in statefull), Avira premium (I put the AV databases in exclusions on each of them) As for on demand A-squared free and superantispyware. I thought about using malwarebytes, but I decided not to. IMO I think malwarebytes is the best for removing rogue software. (Since I don’t download security software that I never hear before I don’t think it will be a problem)

I’m using G Data along with CIS :-TU

Comodo Proactive Firewall & Panda Cloud AV

CIS: Firewall Only, AVG, Trojan Remover, Spybot & MWB