What am I missing re: updating via installer?

I’m having a problem trying to update to the latest Comodo Firewall version. I’m sure I must be doing something stupid but I cannot imagine what.

First of all, I’m running Vista SP2 (32-bit) and I currently have Comodo version 3.12.111745.560 installed and working fine. There’s a message in my Comodo window advising me of an updated version, but because I’m on a dial-up connection I prefer to download the installer all at once rather than using the automatic updater. So I’ve downloaded the installer for version 3.13.120417.573 (all 40MB of it… took over an hour to download) and am trying to install the 3.13 version over the 3.12 version that I already have.

The installer launches (UAC prompts me to allow it to run), prompts me to choose a language, tells me it’s already installed and do I want to un-install or add/remove components (to which I answer “Yes”), then puts up the Configuration Wizard. I choose Add/Install (Next), check the box only for Firewall (I have another A/V product that I prefer), click Next, and the whole thing disappears. No error messages appear, no changes are made to my system, and (most importantly) no new version of Comodo is installed.

I’ve tried shutting down the Comodo service and the tray icon first. It doesn’t help. I do not want to uninstall the previous version because I have customized a lot of settings and I don’t want to lose all of my changes. I’m getting tired of looking at the balloon informing me that I need to update Comodo and would like to run the latest version, and like I mentioned above I have downloaded the installer, but I cannot seem to make it install.

Am I missing something obvious? Can anyone suggest how I can get the newer version to install over the previous one without uninstalling it first?

Clockwork - thanks for the reply. I appreciate the workaround suggestion.

But the real issue here is that the standalone installer apparently cannot be used to upgrade the existing version of CIS. While your workaround may be valid and valuable, it does not fix the underlying problem.

I can see no reason whatsoever why the standalone installer should not be able to upgrade the existing version of a program without having to bother with exporting settings and uninstalling previous versions. If I have to go to this trouble every time I want to update Comodo, I probably won’t bother.