What all to install

I am new to Comodo Firewall and installed it on my XP machine. I also installed Avast AV program. When I installed the Comodo firewall I didn’t install the Defender, I just did the firewall and leak protection. Is that all right? If I install the Defender, would it slow my computer down? I use AdAware and Comodo Boclean, do I need Defender? With just the firewall and leak protection my machine is fast but is it protected enough? I need advise, thanks.

Hi peffer (:WAV) Welcome. If you don’t want to deal with popups - Comodo Firewall without Defense + is a good solution, though if you want maximum security - D+ is a must. :slight_smile:
BTW - all you need is Comodo’s Firewall and Avast AV. All these Defenders and Ad-Awares are just bloat and show-stoppers ;D

BoClean is quite good, but I don’t know - I feel it’s starting to show it’s age :frowning: