What additions to CFP 3?

Ok, which additional products have you added to your CFP 3? Those not listed in poll please add in post.


(:NRD) what’s defensewall & PCsecurity?

i’m using avast 4.8 HOME, but i’m planning to switch to antivir 8 FREE

CAVS2 Beta and I’m considering taking that off.

CFP and CMF only for real-time protection. Using Virtualbox for some testing. Avira and Avast! as on-demand scanners, and Spybot and SpywareBlaster.


Realtime: CFP D+, CMF.

On-Demand: Avira, around once a month, SAS, once every two months or so, very rarely some esoteric trojan/rootkit scanners if the system feels weird.

VMWare for testing…

See no need for anything else, although I do download about 100 warez softs per week from unverified sources (job-related).

Backup Software.
Good habits and backup software should be the first lines of defense.

I use Acronis True Image Workstation for system imaging, and EMC Retrospect for general user data.

I’m currently using Boclean 4.5 and Cmf and Avast Home antivirus 4.8.

NOD32 3.0 and Sandboxie.

huh ??? i thought you use avast 4.8 & planning to switch to antivir 8 ???

Avast 4.8 causes web pages not to load. I am waiting for the fix. My Avira Premium ■■■■■ got blocked so I am back to NOD32 3.0 till my subscription expires in Nov.

Is there a fix needed for Avast 4.8? I’m having no trouble at all with pages loading (Opera 4.27).
So far Avast seems to be working very well.

most problems were fixed by the 4.8.1178 service pack update a couple weeks after 4.8 released (:CLP)

I use gypsy tears twice a month. Just a couple drops on my phone cord protects me from computer aids.

I like.

High five!

I’m sorry if I missed something but aren’t defencewall and prosecurity HIPS software like Defence+ ;D ?

And to answer CFP, BoClean, and the CAVS3.

→ CFP and CAVS3 are already sheduled, and BoClean will be integraded in CAVS3 :P.


I’m running :
CFP +D The latest
ThreatFire V 3.0.14
Avira AntiVir Premium (free Lic for 6 months) with Guard Active
PCTools Spyware Doctor
:-TU :■■■■

I wouldn’t recommend Defense+ and ThreatFire as, according to this topic, problem will occur. Also, I’m sure there’s other ‘invisible’ issues that haven’t been discovered yet.
And if you use Avira Premium, you could disable Spyware Doctor, as Premium Edition of Avira includes spyware detection too. Of course, you could still use Spyware Doctor as an on-demand scanner.


And I wouldn’t disable it (:NRD). I wouldn’t rely on the antispyware part of antivir. Spyware doctor is the master chief in that sector for now. Why disabling it? Because it uses more recourses? perhaps, but you will have a 95% detection rate against a 80 (perhaps) % of antivir. So I would sujest keeping that enabled.