what "Active" mark means? (inc. screenshots)

Hi there,

i installed both Comodo free antivirus and Comodo free firewall and thought that they will work together.
by opening the internet security window i see both Antivirus and Firewall:


but when i open the “More → Manage my configuration” windows, i see that there’s no “Active” text near the Firwall:


even when i right click on the tray icon, no mark near Firewall:


and when i check the Action Center it sais that it’s working and ok:


my question is, what does the V-Mark means?

thank you,

You have both! The “Active” you see is the level of security you choose. I agree that the wording could be better. Proactive Security is the highest while Internet Security is the default. Both your AntiVirus and Firewall are set to the Internet Security Level of protection.

Oh, i see.
thank you for your fast answer!