What About Spyware That Already Has A Foothold?

As of last night, some crazy spyware crap entered my computer, I don’t know how it got there, all i know is that I was listening to music and going to sleep. When I woke up at 6 in the morning, I went over to turn off the music. There were about 14 internet explorer windows open all on antispyware sights, there was a new background that consisted of a Biohazard sign and “Your Privacy Is In Danger”. I don’t know what the hell is goin on. All I want to know is that does BoClean ONLY stop and remove spyware that is coming in or if it also removes it from the PC as well? I downloaded this 7 mins ago and the spyware is still changing my background and popping up security alerts all over the place!

Have you downloaded BOClean yet. If not, get it and install it and watch the fight - it should hopefully sort whatever is on there assuming you can get BOC installed and running.

If you can’t get BOC installed , look in your add/remove programs and see if there is anything you dont recognize there - if there is uninstall it. Another option is to try spybot.



boclean can clean some malware infections, but i would think that there are some that it won’t clean… sometimes you need to use special “tools” and get expert assistance in removing malware…

i think you should try using the “superantispyware” program to clean your computer… it has a reputation for removing malware that is hard to remove… if that doesn’t solve the problem then i would go to one of the forums where you can get experts to help you in removing the malware…

here is a link for “superantispyware”:


here are links to a few forums where you can get expert assistance in removing malware-infections:




If you got really exposed maybe you got a rootkit installed and that might complicate things by hiding otherwise easily removable malware, so scan also for rootkits. There are some free rootkit scanners and AntiVir can scan for them also. If a rootkit is detected scan for conventional malware afterwards, some previously hidden one might have got exposed.

BOClean removes malware when it tries to act, so as it was said if you manage to install it it might start fighting the malware at once. But BOC doesn’t scan on demand, and even if you install BOC and even if it removes something, in your case it’s advisable to do a full system scan. For that you can use AVG AntiSpyware or others.

You’re being prompted by the popups to download some shadowy security software, right? (Errorsafe, Systemdoctor maybe?) Well needles to say if some malware asks you to download something, do not, resort only to trusted security products. Hopefully the only harm done is the big nuissance, if you don’t push any OK button you’ll keep the infection somewhat at bay.

You can also use this tool to remove rogue software that is installed without your notice:
Don’t forget to update first run a scan afterwards.

Sounds distinctly like Spy Quake, Spy Sherrif or a derivative thereof. They are a real pig to get rid of. Try googling either of these terms.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Some links that may help (others who have had the same problems):





Yep it’s a smitfraud/Zlob variant alright… and unfortunately I don’t think BOClean will remove it.

spybot works great for this :slight_smile:
well its listed in the “to remove list” :slight_smile:

Nope… spybot won’t do it either… It will get part of it…

Some malware infections can’t be removed complete by anti virus/spyware/trojan/malware/whatever scanner. Best thing to do is consulting an expert for help. Personaly I always advise people to go to Safer Networking Forums, what is also the support forum of Spybot S&D :


At the Malware Removal forum part you can ask for help. And those guys are realy good :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Yes the forums at safer networking are very good. Definitely worth a look there.

However, the advice given in this link may be worth trying first:


Unfortunately it looks like may take a combination of removal tools to fully solve your infection.


You need to post HijackThis logs on the forums given by redwolfe_98. I think one of those guys that will help you will ask you to download SDFix.

Your best bet for getting rid of hard to remove spyware or on an already infected system is to download the free version of “Super AntiSpyware” it can be found on download.com or by searching google. It’s the best at removing those stubborn buggers. The scan does take some time to run but worth it!!


With regards to the Smitfraud/Zlob malware infection,it is indeed difficult to remove.However I’ve found Zerospyware to be the most effective at removing all traces of this nasty,you may need to run the scan more than once to be rid of it.I’d recommend turning off system restore on the infected drive also.:


Greetings, andyman35!

This program isn’t Freeware, isn’t Open Source! SUPERAntiSpyware and A-Square Free, beyond Freewares, remove Smitfraud / Zlob.


Hi, Rednose!

You do not consider Spybot S&D a Bloatware?


Actually neither of those remove Zlob completely, I wish they did… It would simplify my life, but they don’t. There are however freely available standalone tools that do…

You are if relating to those of the little school or little club “Linha Defensiva”? LOL

I do not know why as much propaganda of the Smitfraud; it will be that already they had forgotten that the behavior of it’s the same of the old Backdoor Win32.Agent.EO ?