What about Comodo?

Schneier on Security


business is business and opinion is opinion

didn’t get that…

like so many people yet said ; as soon as an enterprise contract an “agreement” with the government - let’s say nsa - users are in an unsafe area (p.e proxy) because it is business : you buy ; you command ; they obey … and all become their own products … none big company is independent … so you can read and discus every articles ; it will be still opinion (sometimes yours, sometimes not) :
business is business / opinion is opinion

i read the same sort of article about a malware in the printers and a gps in the coreduo …

I changed the color from yellow to blue as it cannot be read with a grey background. Eric

nobody would answer this question? :-\

I am sorry M.W : if it is a question for the comodo staff - official and legitimate - the investors and partners and dev and boss … only them can answer to you : you could go on their site and join them (public relation/chat/call/e-mail).
i think the problem is not why but who (about corrupting:compromising) and a public “conference” is rarely the truth.
good journey -

whats the question?

How Comodo Handle State-Sponsored Malware? Does it detect them?

We detect ANY Malware no matter where they come from!

I’d imagine it wouldn’t be that hard for them to bypass CIS though, seeing as CIS doesn’t care about trusted malware… I doubt for example NSA can’t sign a malware with a trusted signature.

thx for the confirmation Melih :slight_smile:

" I doubt for example NSA can’t sign a malware with a trusted signature."
NSA can , anothers also.

Well, that is IMHO, for sure, really quite an interesting topic these days, methinks, now that millions of people all around the world are totally aware of possibly (or, rather: certainly now) continuously being spied on, no matter what the cause.

Melih’s question to M.W.:

whats the question?

M.W. responded:

How Comodo Handle State-Sponsored Malware? Does it detect them?

Melih responded to M.W.:

We detect ANY Malware no matter where they come from!

Thanks for answering M.W.'s question, Melih, but I don’t think the asking person used the right words for his question.

Now… well, let’s all be honest (as much as possible), a more serious kind of question by M.W. would’ve possibly been sounding like this:

Is every kind of software, that is, in any possible way, able to “spy” on people, regarded as “MALWARE” by COMODO?

I guess that’s not the case. But one may prove me wrong. Melih, now’s your turn. Tell us? But in what way would that change the world to a better place?

or, let’s rather say: Would it be possible to spy on every regular COMODO user?

Yes, that’s a fact, not only “would”, but it “is” that way. We DO live in this kind of world. Every man and woman is possibly or, rather obviously, being spied on. That’s definitely NOT a COMODO bug, that’s simply how it works at the moment, and simple reality mankind has to face at the moment and either get on with it or buy some scissors to cut their PC’s power cable. etc.
Might be a sad thing to some people, but that’s just the way it is.

So “encrypting” your messages will help?
Maybe, but might not work as well.

My personal opinion on that?

There might be, as they tell us, myriads of hateful people all around the world, but (in my personal opinion) the majority of people just want to live their lives in peace, having children and thus raising a family, keeping their job, buying a used car every now and then. etc.

I don’t see any real danger that would justify some of those things that have happened and are still happening.

Still, I don’t really want to go into politics.
That’s evil waters.
Hope they will finally get it right.

Best thing is getting people from all around the world together, to see they may not always agree on some few things, still they respect themselves and act as real friends would do, even if they never met.

I don’t think there is real need for the NSA, i don’t think there is need for any WAR (nor for any Warmongers out there).
We all have to die some day, of course. There’s nothing wrong with me doing that last thing, if in peace with one self.

And, no: I’m certainly not a Hippie Guy.
It’s just the fact: We’ve only got ONE life. Try being one to maybe be remembered.

War is never a real solution.
Talking with eachother would heal some souls, I am sure.

Greetings from a German who really thinks mankind already had enough of that war phenomenon.

Let’s do it right in the future.


“Yes … the way it is "
we DO not live in this world : say no and do not enter in.
“So “encrypting” … as well.”
Obviously !
“my personal …i am sure”
i do not want discussing about your opinion on 'human kind” it is your opinion and this has the same value of any other … but it seems you forget few things that i cannot write on a public forum : e.g. war is freedom _ that you have not understood it ; you must be young living in a country very young without real history or culture like usa/israel/cccp … here we knows since a so long time that ; reading you, i smiled …

About malware; expert, tool, experience and a good machine could help you better than praying or believing that a spy is a nasty boy or she looks like a star in a movie …

Do nsa (i know worse ! ) need spying ?
No. it is a job …
Is a war necessary ?
Yes, it is business …
i will ask to you (pls) MorphOs REBOL -twice noticed- to not speak for someone else -remember : my personal opinion-;

afaik ; as soon as a threats is detected ; comodo regarded it like a “malware” and the answer of melih means that this task is not compromised/corrupted.

“Let’s do it right in the future” : few doubts that right things could come from bad people
but i admit that this hope jump was for melih so ’ Let’s do it right in the future ’ …
and i do not understand what a ‘hippie guy’ will do in the virus database.

good journey - take care, i know what you are eating !

we protect our users against any malware no matter where they come from.
we work for our users noone else.


you must be young living in a country very young without real history or culture

ermmm… not exactly :slight_smile:

Kind regards, REBOL.

ermmm… not exactly
i should not offense you asking you it, rebol !

(i guess ermmm means you wonder what side of the border you are actually ; especially if you are on a plane or on a boat … so the dark side do not show you which is the reflect of the mirror and you do not compare it at the genuine image … ghosts … work in a virtual zone only open for the light …)

Kind regards.