What about Comodo Internet Security 2010 ?

:-La Hey, i have an idea. ;D It’s not really a wish, but a bit of marketing.:)What You think for the option to change a little the way You present the versions of CIS?What You think about something like:CIS 2010,CIS 4-10 or Comodo Internet Security 2010 instead of CIS 4 or CIS 4.xxx.xxxx.xxx?
Or…propose something different. O0 :smiley:

All this “NIS 2010, KIS 2010 in the year of 2009 !” is stupid. COMODO should keep the current scheme :-TU

Well,even Avast Home is now Avast free antivirus 5


“The best thing since sliced bread”

I like that name because it lets people know it’s the newest version. People who don’t know Comodo would not know that from CIS 4 or any other version number. Comodo Internet Security 2010 would be the best name in my opinion to attract new users.

Exactly :)) The trick is in the attractive name for the new users.If CIS 4 really gonna be one great and strong product, it should have a big and strong name. :P0l

At first glance, I wasn’t keen on using CIS 2010 as companies (i.e Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky) usually use this as a means of promoting their latest product(s) year in, year out. But (as mentioned) it does show the user (experienced or new) that this is the latest version of software. Maybe even use build info based on date. I.e COMODO Internet Security 2010 (Build: 09.05). I like the idea :-TU.


The new version (final) will appear in the beginning of 2010, so i don’t see a conflict.It’s not like KIS 2010 in the beginning of 2009. ;D

It may be a libt of trivia but in Japan often the number 4 is skipped along with some other numbers.

Though considering the features for the upcoming CIS version and the time of release it would make sense to skip to 2011 ;D

Indeed most competitors provide their future builds for many months whereas the ETA of CIS IV is 2 months before 2010 whereas by now in 2010 people are persuaded to expect 2011. :o

The way I would see this situation would be that, security providers like Kaspersky, only attach the year at the end of them - to make customers think that they will have to buy the new version when it comes out, in order to stay secure. But, it just depends on how the company can keep themselves organized, development-wise.

Personaly im ok with just CIS v4!

I dont like CIS 2010, as there maybe more then 1 release for CIS in 2010

That doesn’t matter since new people getting the download will always get the latest version. The point is that those new people who are looking for a security suite will recognize Comodo Internet Security 2010 as being new far more than if they just see Comodo Internet Security 4 or even worse, just CIS 4.

Let me ask you something…is price better than quality?

Or better yet…is “newness” better than quality?

Take Firefox 3.5 for example…people know 3.5 is newest, but some people think Firefox 3 is better than 3.5 because Firefox 3 has better quality at the moment - and still being supported.

Actually…a better example would be Avira Antivir 8.2 vs 9. Many were warned not to upgrade right away to version 9 because it had several issues. Avira upped their compatibility, and upped the support dates so customers can stay at 8.2 and be okay until the support date ended, then upgrade to 9.

So, it does not matter what date is attached to the end, quality is better than newness.

That’s all true but, irrelevant to this discussion. The point of the thread,as I see it, is what name would give CIS the greatest recognition and acceptance by the general public.

It is perfectly relevant to this discussion. Changing the date will have no effect. Plain and simple. Don’t avoid the discussion.

If users would buy 2010 and not be satisfied, they will say “I should’ve stayed with 2009!” That would also not allow for multiple releases during the year.

Definately the year (i.e COMODO Internet Security 2010). COMODO Internet Security 3.10 or 4 would mean nothing to the average user. Also, as an average user, I think they would go for a “higher” version product which would show how mature (in versions) it has been around.


It certainly would allow for multiple releases. As I said before, someone downloading CIS from the website would always be getting the latest release, no matter how many were done since the original name was given. The purpose of the name is to attract them to the site in the first place. A new release does not have to have a new name. It could still be called 2010 even if the internal version number was 4.8 or even 5. whatever. Call it CIS 2010 for the general public and let the people already using it be concerned with version and build numbers that they will get through updates.

As far as wishing they would have stayed with a previous version, that could happen no matter what the name is. Keeping it at v4 will only be relevant to the people who already know that it is the latest, the current users. A casual browser of the net who saw that would have no clue how old that version is. It seems that at the present time, paid suites use the year names and the free ones use version numbers. That doesn’t mean Comodo has to do the same.

People using Norton and other products only care about the yearly names to know there is a new version even though they receive new builds of their present apps periodically as needed. Most of them have no idea what the actual version number is and couldn’t care less. If you are asked what version of a program you are using and you say “2010”, the inquirer knows you have the latest. If you would say (in the case of Norton), v16, they would have no idea. Since the major changes in CIS v4 have to do with improving usability and reducing the amount of technical knowledge needed to use the product, changing the name to one that also better serves the same purposes is only fitting and will help more to attract new users.

Wouldn’t asking the same question in 2010 will lead such inquirer to expect 2011?

Indeed it looks like most vendors are a year ahead :smiley:

To prevent any average user to misunderstand 2011 or 2012 would be better as this take in account of those who don’t care about versions and those who barely care thus having nobody misunderstand the most recent version for one of the year past gone (since the next major CIS release is apparently scheduled for the 4th quarter of this year) :-TU

Agreed my Canadian friend, anybody who has ever followed the progress of the firewall since v2.4 to today will without a doubt realize how far Comodo has gone and especially where they’re heading, keep it simple and keep CIS V4.0… :-TU
Cheers :■■■■
Xman 8)