what about comodo antivirus detection rate?

what about comodo antivirus detection rate? How Do I compare to the other good antivirus scanner such as avast, antivir, avg, nod32, kav 6.0 and so on? I may be feel safe with comodo av scanner? May I rely on It? Please You should appologize me for the topic but this is a forum and thus is the right place to frank questions and discussions!

Indeed it should be frank and open.
I must tell you that even though we had some users claimed that CAV detected viruses/spyware that AVG did not detect, I still say I am yet to be happy with our CAV (even though I use it on some of my machines personally (some machines I don’t use any security products for other reasons). Unless we are the best in the market place I will not be happy! With CAV our detection rate is improving literally every day! However, one must also look at the prevention aspect. Afterall a new virus will always be an unknown to every single vendor and we have to provide the tools for you to catch those as well. So one thing I can tell you is that, we are full steam ahead, improving and making sure CAV gets better day by day! We still have a way to go but its getting better everyday!


Here is a “little” advice from a “Greek”… to a “Turk”… (You’re Turkish, eh, Melih?)

If you keep your av product …

  1. With low resources…
  2. Capable of passing ITW, etc…
  3. Good, low resource “heuristics”… with low if any false positives…
  4. Constantly updated
  5. and… with added trojan/spyware detection,

I, along with a LOT of people, will love it! and of course I will help and support it!

BTW, I use it now, (All your free stuff, and I intend to sign up for your faxing service soon… I am presently using send2fax…

Jim (Dimitri)

Hello from a Turk to a Greek :slight_smile:

the 5 items is exactly what we are working on :slight_smile:
Watch us get better day by day.

Kalinighta! (or something like that)

“Iyi geceler!”

I hope I got that right!.. I don’t want to be fighting with a Turk!

Believe me, I’m just joking!

Goodnight, and I will be trying out your fax program tommorow!

(L) (R) (B) (WCF32) (No Greek flag?, LOL)

You did perfect!

ok excellent. would love to hear your feedback :slight_smile:


I am now running Comodo Firewall as my default FW, after removing Sygate, and in parallel with MS default FW (I use it in a Win Server 2003 system).
I must say that, despite some minor troubles and functions still missing, I like CPF very much and have already recommended it in my site “digital security paper” (with over 30.000 visits / month).

At the moment I am using NOD32 as my default antivirus and MS antispyware as my antispyware program. I am very satisfied with NOD32 but I am having problems with MS antispyware which is willing to oblige me to make some modifications to my present system. I am thinking to switch to Spy Sweeper which in turn has some behaviours which I never liked much.

I admit that I am very keen to test a release of your antivirus as soon as it will include antispyware capabilities … this probably not to substitute my NOD32 (which is truly good) but to possibily become the default anti spyware in my system.

Please publish in this forum any evolution in this sense (inclusion of antispyware).

Best regards

Windows Defender isn’t my favourite anti-spyware either. I run my AOL Anti-Spyware which isn’t too bad but about once a week I run a free online X-Cleaner to get rid of anything AOL ASP doesn’t pickup.

Thanks lorenzopar for recommending the CPF. Can you please tell us the URL your website please so that our forum members can read your site as well :slight_smile:


The site is the main one in latin america dealing with prevention to frauds, scams, money laundering and related issues. It is written in Portuguese language, even if the author (myself) is italian. This site is linked by several relevant institutions like the UN local office, Transparency International, polices, banks, professionals unions, associations etc … it’s now receiving around 30.000 unique visits / month and has a growth rate of 7 to 10% each month.
The page where I mention and recommend Comodo Firewall is the following: [url]http://www.fraudes.org/cart_digital.asp[/url] … which is an introductory page on digital security (with special focus on identity theft scams and phishing prevention) for common PC users.

Oh great.
did you see our anti-phishing product (for free) that allows people to verify what they see etc.?
its www.vengine.com and you could help our initiative to get all banks in your country and their logo’s authenticated so that end users are not going to be fooled by phishing attacks.


No i did not yet … I will do so, even because I’m going to start (with some parters) a new company dealing with scams prevention and detection at all levels and in all fields, including banks and financial institutions in general.
We might so something together if interesting for you … Brazil is a huge market for banks.

Best regards


Oh well, let me know…
we have many banks as our customers and they love our products :wink:


You’ll beat Kasperky’s detection and response and update rates for free?


We are working on that. You can help us as well :slight_smile:


One word: Wow…

I find it amazing that they admit that, most companies would not, I deeply respect that, and Melih is right, their detection is getting better and better everyday.

As I said in my other postings.

I am trying to create a transparent, responsible and very responsive Company to its users!