What about an updater modules for CIS?

Hey guys… I was wondering…

What about an updater modules for CIS?

This should work like this:

When some bug or malware bypasses CIS then the CIS could be updated by modules, like av/firewall/def+/etc.

For exemple: The problem with svchost mentionet in some other topic. With de modules updater the CIS dev could make the fix for the def+, or the av, or the firewall, etc and release it as an module update.

I dont know if its possible in CIS but if so, this could be an very powerfull way of solving bugs and problems so everybody could be safe using CIS without worrying about waiting for a new release of the full CIS.

Well, its just an idea. Hope it can be done in future releases.

Sorry about my bad english. Im brazilian and i have to say that there are so many CIS users in Brazil hoping for you to do the best with CIS.

Module updater? Interesting idea. It depends on the CIS structure.

The current updater is capable of updating the files which are used within CIS and I think rule sets.

but with this updates is possible to update only one filesystem from cis, or only one engine?

for exemple: the new 5.8 beta was released with some problem in detecting some kind of malware. Then the dev update the av-engine and release another beta for 5.8 that solve the issue. so my point is making an updater that can update the engine itselfe, or somefiles used by cis without needing updating the entire software.

is that possible? or can be an feature to try out for new releases?

again, sorry about my english

Do you think this will make fixes available quicker?


With this feature you can make any updates in CIS modules to prevent bugs, crashs, virus injections, etc., without the need of an full CIS update.

Talking about the dev side: You can provide better solutions to improve quality of CIS and solve bugs without the need of making a full new release. This means less time developing, quicker updates to fix big problems in CIS and a better way of adding new methods of scan for the engines;

Talking about the USER side: The user will not have to wait for a new release to have some bug/crash/etc solved. The user will continue with CIS even if it has some anoyng bug or some dangerous bug just because the devs will provide aquick update for that problems.

When You have full software updates you force users to stay away when the problems comes. And any user who had unninstalled CIS because some bug or some problem with malwares that CIS didnt find in the actual release, they (the users) probaly will not return using CIS just because he thinks that CIS is not secure or he thinks that the COMODO company dont care about his security when it will fix some problem only with new full releases.

hope you understand my words here… bad, bad, BAD english my own. :smiley:

Edit.: I didnt know the comodo comunity till days ago but i realy like it. Ive seen many people helping with bug reports, suggestions, etc. Even if this idea is not possible or you, devs, think its not necessary, ill keep with CIS and recommending for others just because I realy like CIS and the way You see the comunity effort. But its a point to consider.

Your English is fine. I was more trying to get the picture clear analytically.

I am just a moderator. I am not a developer. I am a volunteer end user who happens to wear the moderator’s badge.


so… what is your opinion about this request?

lets talk about it and hope some dev come here and say something…

+1 :-TU i like this

good idea :a0

This is 100% true with most users since users want their security software to update quickly and in an efficient way without user interactions most users dont like to do a full installtion or update and dont even like waiting they just switch to another security software by implementing this the user wont switch to other security software knowing that comodo would take care of the security automatically
so he wont lose his security and comodo doesnt lose its trust

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