What a REAL and DETAILED differences btw different configurations is?

Is there any detailed description instead of marketing chatter?

Have you looked at the help file?

Comodo Preset Configurations | Comodo Internet Security | Comodo Internet Security Help

yes… but what is the different of Proactive Security and Proactive Security u[/u] ??

I believe the (Old) profile is your previous 5.5 profile.

but you are not sure?? hmm ???

As Kail mentions here,

:slight_smile: ok, thank u

Yes, and this is a good example of what I named “marketing chatter”

Defense+ is tuned to prevent infection... blah-blah-blah
This says [b]nothing[/b]

The link posted gives out of date info I think.

Try this:

Mostly correct I think

mouse1, thank U very much! This is considerably more understandable for any “power user”.

What a pity that COMODO still can’t explain things like this in their official manual. Seems because of long standing targeting to a housewifes ;D as i said 3 years(!) ago. And it’s too hard for a newbee with CIS to dig this differences by self because of the same reason among with very inconvenient splitted and nested interface.

Glad to be of help. The trick if you ever want to do other comparisons is to use a quality XML comparison tool on the config files. But of a fiddle to filter out extraneous differences, but not too much, since its XML and thus well structured.