What a news!!!!

17 January 2008 Comodo's award-winning Firewall Pro achieves broad distribution of nearly 40,000 installations a day
Are you kidding ? And what about all the de-installations ? I have removed v3 as a lot of people here, so be a little humble... I am really waiting for a free bug version of v3. So don't make publicity before all is OK... (:SAD)

hmm…I don’t know, I’ve always reinstalled it :Beer

Works fine for me and for hundreds of thousands of other users. And the forum is helping identify the conflicts for those who try it out/keep using it with problems so the developers can chase down the bugs and fix them.

I’m always amazed at the knack for some people to focus on the negative when surrounded by an ocean of postitives . . . . :THNK


Yeah. Max is right ! Stop whining ! (:TNG)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what’s sort of odd is that based on your 3-post history, only this one is unenthusiastic ???

Congrats for those news

Miguel Angel

:Beer (B) (R) (V)

I am a constant installer of many security programs, but so far Comodo Pro 3.0 has been my favorite. I actually uninstalled ThreatFire, which has also been a favorite of mine, and use AVG Pro as my AV. I was running Comodo and TF together, but I see no need to have both with the reported protection CPF has. I will confess I added BOClean for something else to run, but even with that added my PC runs faster now than it did with TF and AVG Pro. I have also checked out the forum for help with understanding a few things, but to be honest there wasn’t a lot of it needed because of how well written the Firewalls help files are. Also maybe I’m lucky using it on Windows XP, but there hasn’t been a glitch with it since i began using it and that’s exactly why it has become my favorite security software.