Whare has "Scan System" gone? [Solved]

Before updating to CIS, I had Firewall which had a System Scan function…now it’s gone :frowning:
I’ve searched everyware, but haven’t found it. Did the company removed it? ( sorry for bad english )

Yes, If you mean the Scan Computer In Defense?

Yes It has been removed, Since CIS Was Released,


Do you know why it was removed? This is one of the basic functions of every security software. Or now I must buy Pro version? ???

Becuase the release of CAVS 3 was released, and so they created CIS,

To Get CAVS 3 You’ll need to download CIS and Install The AV Component (Or Uninstall Your Current Ver Of The Firewall And Install Both AV & FW)

No you do not have to buy the pro version…

Does this solve your question?


I have just added the Antivirus. Problem is solved. Thank you!

You Are Most Welcome Mentat

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