Went a bit too happy :D

Got happy for the release of 2.3 and made this post at wilder :smiley:

I started this as i want to know why you would use any other firewalls over comodo pf?

First of all it blocks ever test on firewallleaktester and shieldsup. Second no slowdown in system performance (21.000kb max for me with its 2 processes) (launchpad off)
Third extremely well designed interface and non intrusive alerts as most firewall alerts appear in center of screen which is annoying for some.
Fourth extremely featureful and easy.

Im sure there were problems with 2.2 but this new version fixes every problem im sure.

The launchpad gone and less mem,cpu usage. those are just the main fixes.

My main reasons are it blocks more or the same as the best free or paid firewall out there, Uses less resources then most and look at the price tag…Oops there isnt one…Oh wait a minute there is $00

Nice review. :wink:


Thank you very much for helping with us.

I’m happy too… ;D
I will install this in every computer i get hold of… ;D

Remember if your not satisfied Comodo will refund all of your money, oh thats right, its free ;D

Their Trying To Bring Me Down LOL
Fun While It Lasted But Who Said Wilder Was The Only Forum (:LGH)Just Jokin I Gotta Stop!
But Why Would They Monitor Me And What Does That Do? Why Not A IP Ban (:KWL)

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