Well the update problem is back

Comodo and Windows 10 aren’t playing nice again. I presumed that since it’s been a week and comodo updated yesterday it would be okay to let Windows update. I was wrong. I logged in this morning to a black screen with only the comodo interface running in the top corner of the screen. Nothing else other than the program manager would work. I spent 2 hours this morning rolling back to yesterday. Of course during the 2 hours I actually was able to work today comodo and Windows both updated again. Then Comodo brought up its restart dialog just as I was starting a new paragraph and so the computer restarted itself, I lost all the progress I’d made, and now I’m back to square one once more.

How is it your security software can’t play nice with one of the most popular OSs on the planet. You’d think that was a key requirement. But evidently not.

Hi PlanetNiles,

May you please share Comodo product and respective versions you have installed?

Following is list of product name and respective versions that you should have to be compatible with latest MS updates:
COMODO Internet Security ==> ==> Setup Link
COMODO Cloud Antivirus ==> 1.12.421630.537 ==> Setup link
COMODO Internet Security Essentials ==> 1.2.422025.92 ==> Setup link Also comes with CIS & CCAV.
COMODO Secure Shopping ==> 1.1.421657.99 ==> Comes with CIS.

If you don’t have above or higher version, uninstall that specific product from Add/Remove and re-install.


It’s the version of CIS that was released yesterday. I can’t give you the number as my system is locked in a restore for the next half hour.

Yes, that update should update CIS and CSS.
I would like to see what versions you had including Internet Security Essentials.

CIS Version

Windows 10 update 1703 for x64 (KB4025342)

What other Comodo products with version you had?

That’s it. That’s all I have.

Then it’s not expected.
Possible to generate and share diagnostic report for a start?


Chances are you have an older version of secure shopping installed as that is what causes explorer shell not to load and thus you only get a black screen.

Got 2 Windows 10 systems that have been hit by this black screen after logging in - both use Comodo and encountered the issue after the latest Cumulative Update (KB4025342)

I managed to save my system by doing a system restore to immediately prior to the update, and then making my connection a “metered” connection to prevent Windows from downloading the update and installing it without my permission.

My system was using an older version of Comodo (sorry, I can’t remember the version) and had the problem. I updated to just a couple of days ago. I have not attempted the Windows update again yet.

The other system is currently encountering serious issues with trying to do a system restore. System restore keeps failing and it’s stuck with a black screen after logging in. That family member now has an unusable system until I can have a proper look at it and hopefully find a way to fix it… They are not happy.

Is it confirmed that Comodo is the culprit for this issue?
Is there a fix for this or any word of what can be done?

Is there any way to recover the other system that has a system restore that keeps failing?

Yes see this thread which explains the issue and provides info on the solution. Instead of using system restore, boot into safe mode and uninstall all comodo products and follow this guide here.

You need to enable the windows installer service for safe mode by running the removal tool and choose option 7. then reboot again in safe mode and begin uninstalling. Then install using standalone installer for CIS.

Thank you for the fast reply.

Do I need to uninstall the Windows Update, or is it just Comodo that needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled?

I’ve managed to get in and have a look, and it appears that Comodo Secure Shopping version is stuck at v.97 and not at v.99.

I’ve messed around to get back in and now got the desktop back (had to literally terminate CSS in Task Manager. Went into settings and then navigated to apps. I have now removed Comodo Secure Shopping entirely and the problem has been removed with it. I may possibly look into returning CSS or doing a clean install if it is necessary.
Nobody I know uses that module/function/service/option and it has caused more harm than good so far.

Thank you for your help though, futuretech.


You’re right. The Internet Secure Shopping v.97 is not compaible with the last microsoft update. With this version and the last version of CIS, I have the black screen. Then I restore my OS and desintalled Secure Shoping. Make Again the microsoft updates.
And It’s OK now.

The question how to install the last version of Internet Secure Shpping v.99 ?

Best regards

NB : CIS Version and Windows 10 update 1703 for x64 (KB4025342)

Hi Xstof25,

To get new Secure Shopping, please uninstall the current CIS and install the new version from here.
Thanks in advance.

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