well so far as help goes I haven't seen much in my search here

All I want to know is I am using Mozilla Firefox and now that I’ve switched over to Comodo Firewall I have this huge gray empty bar at the bottom of Mozilla that I am unable to resize OR remove! And no I have not updated to ANY version of firefox 3!

Comodo doesn’t interfere with any browser cause it doesn’t have a web shield. Can you post a screen shot. Firefox cab become corrupt and slow down over time. Its best to completely uninstall Firefox using Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode and then install Firefox 3.0. Make Firefox and Internet Explorer web browser under the firewall policy’s.

Have you tried Firefox’s safe mode option which disables all extensions and themes you might be currently using?

Go to View>Toobars>uncheck ask bar or comodo whichever is shpwn… u wont get to see the bar again…it’ll still be present though. if u want to remove do so using Add/Remove programs from control panel or CCleaner or revo uninstaller or any other uninstallation utility…

Well I didn’t realize her installed the toolbar. Thanks for picking that up Saurav. I never install the toolbar. Dont care for it. Comodo with D+ and NOD32 in active mode keep me well protected.