Well, it looks like I can't use my computer after upgrading.

I have imported my cgfx into 2013 Comodo. Then, I restarted my computer. The GUI isn’t there at all. So, I tried opening it bunches of times. Then, there’s a little box that says application is not responding. I can’t even get to task manager. Then, I had to suffer through black screen.

If your upgrading from version 5 importing the configuration file is not recommended. If I understand you correctly a complete uninstall and reinstall will probably be needed.

You need to do a over the top install of CIS V6, not to try importing configuration from 5.12.

After the over the top install go to Configurations and Activate the 5.12 config.

This works in Windows 7 x 32bit, I have tried it more than once.

Dennis2 could you be a little more specific. I fail to understand where if you install v6 and import the 5.12 config and if that is what creates the problem how would an over the top install and re-import the 5.12 config again would change anything.

I’m not sure that importing the v5 config is a problem as I have not tried, but just what I have seen posted led me to think that.

During the over the top install it creates a configuration from the 5.12 configurations you have at that time.

So you are not actual importing a 5.12 configuration it is there in Configurations as option to activate.

I did try to import a 5.12 configuration during the Beta stage but it was a total fail as quite a few rules where lost, and as I have had no problems with CIS V6 since I did a over the top install have not tried again.

I would really like to do a clean install, but as I run in Paranoid Mode it is impossible with the registry alerts as they are now.

I have reinstalled and everything works fine. I did not import configuration as I’m not going to cause my computer to be dysfunctional, instead I added all rules manually. So, lesson learned, do not import configuration when there’s a major change into CIS. I actually like the way Comodo is going with their products though. I would love to be able to use Virtual Kiosk as a secondary desktop for online gaming, but it seems like it’s still in work.