Well in 1 year Microsoft give up support for Windows xp...

I know is not the case to ask this type off question, I’m not using windows xp, but what about people’s that are still using windows xp? Comodo will continue supporting windows xp for at least 5 years from now?

I asked a question in Wilders & I got 2 different reply i.e Yes & No.

When support will end further updates will not be available.

But older updates will be available through windows updates or not?

“Support for Windows XP is ending on April 8, 2014. If you’re running this version after support ends, you won’t get security updates for Windows.” -M$

Windows XP sad to see an old friend go . .

Yes that’s true, I know that, but still no answer to my question…

I have no idea. 5 years I doubt it. In 5 years we will have windows 10, 11, or maybe 12. :slight_smile:

I’m still using XP on my main computer (dual boot with Ubuntu 12.04). After this date, Ubuntu will become my main OS (no intention to carry on using Windows). Hopefully MS will get there act together with there next OS.

Comodo will continue supporting windows xp for at least 5 years from now?
I wouldn't expect so given that there will be no "new" security updates available. I think 2014 will be a very important year for Microsoft. If they don't get there next operating system right, alot of people are going to jump from XP to ?.


Man, I’m not talking about microsoft security update, my last question was for comodo, if comodo 10.x for ex will still support windows xp.

Windows XP still has a significant share of the market - somewhere between 35 and 40% - that’s unlikely to change quickly. With that in mind, I would imagine any security vendor, who stops supporting XP immediately, will be less than popular. That said, it’s not economically viable to continue support for a dead product, for extended periods, especially when said product has an outdated security framework. I’d give them a year, maybe 18 months, then incentivise them to upgrade.

Well your point is good, but if that upgrade also include a new pc to run smooth the new OS(ex win8) I doubt that after 18 month people’s will rush to upgrade.

I know but if MS are no longer supporting XP, I doubt third parties will either. True, XP is still very popular but it is an 11 year old product. My bets are that MS will produce the right OS next year (in time for XP’s decease) otherwise they could be in trouble. They messed up with Vista and 8, they can’t really afford to make the same mistakes again.


Well they still have Windows 7 and while I agree that they did mess up with Windows 8, you can still change some things with third-party products that pretty much makes it a faster version of Windows 7.

I mean programs such as Start8, though I also use it with ModernMix because I like the e-mail app and the reader app.

Yep you right, but hey I want that windows 9 to become the next windows xp…but from what I see on the media report, it seems that windows 7 is the next xp :slight_smile: :P0l

IMHO if M$ increases frequency of changing Windows with discontinuation of previous versions then users can revert to non-M$ OSes.

If they start make windows like google chrome or mozilla, every year a new windows, than is bad :-TD
I will start to look for another OS(other then MS).

Microsoft have already confirmed they’re moving to an annual release cycle, with Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) being the first.

Wise decision, but why wait another year? :slight_smile:

Mainly for the wife and my 5 year old who were already familiar with Windows XP.


If one of the primary things I use my computer for wouldn’t have been Gaming then I would have switched to a Linux distribution long ago. But since most games do use DirectX which is not supported on linux platforms, well it’s only supported by Microsoft, I can’t really switch. The solution would be if game developers started using OpenGL because then it would be easier to port the games to linux, in fact I wish Linux was the primary platform for PC gaming which would also mean better drivers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I blame EA… not really but they get all my hate.

That is happening, thanks to Valve. :slight_smile: (Of course they use OpenGL on Mac too.)

Phoronix: 2013 Is Going To Be The Year Of Linux Gaming

On OpenGL, Direct3D and performance: Valve Linux Team: Faster Zombies!

Will it be easier for them after another year? :slight_smile: 88)