Well done!

After a few frustrating years with Comodo products followed by a few more frustrating years with other AV/Security products that promised everything, I decided a coupled of days ago out of desperation to try CIS again. I installed it on a Windows 10 machine but without the firewall option enabled, I’m happy to rely on the Windows 10 firewall.

I expected the worst but so far I have had a great experience. Well done to Melih and the team for finally getting to a stage of having a comprehensive and well-performing product. Sure, it will have issues, but that’s the same as anyone else out there. I really like the ability to have not only Sandboxed browsing but to do my online banking in a virtual environment. The help files are really well written and clear, much more than other AVs I’ve tried.

All that said, I’m left confused as to which products do exactly what, the main Comodo site is still too confusing and at one point I was seriously confused as to whether I should be installing CAV or the cloud version. Then there’s the confusion as to whayt Valkyrie is - which version is it in, or is it still experimental. I then decided to install CAV but the installer is for the whole suite, so that’s a confusing experience for a new user. Naming of products such as Premium also suggests it’s the paid version not free one.

Keep up the good work.

Welcome back. :slight_smile: