Well done

i would like to take this moment to say Well done on a great firewall Melih :slight_smile:

My congrats might be premature, but I don’t care ;D

I’ve been using CFP for 2 days now and I have found this forum of great support with Admins and Users alike who are very helpful :slight_smile:

Major problems I was having at first with CFP 3 are all gone now, thanks to one of the forum admins, letting me know it was a software i had installed that never caused probs until after i installed CFP 3. since removing that software all the troubles I was having after installing CFP 3 went away! :o

no more BSOD’ no more freezes during loading of Winxp, no more any issues whatsoever.

and as I said this forum has been a real supporting one and a forum member on here gave me a good bit of advice when it came to installing or updating any software so that Defense+ won’t make any noises and will allow any install to go uninterrupted.

I have not put the firewall through a thorough security check via various sites yet, but I feel no rush to do so, I already know the firewall will perform like the original CFP 3 and do well so security wise like that I feel to just take my time and check them stuff later :slight_smile:

All we need now for the firewall is a really good User guide that details even the little things and gives good explainations and what they do and are for, ie;- like defense+ pop up allow alerts, would be nice to have a good explaination for what the other options besides web browser do and how much previldges each ones gives compared to one another, that way us users can educate ourselves and learn to use the firewall in the best way possible and how the firewall is designed to be used :slight_smile:

apart from that, just I hope CFP 3 just gets better and better and its features and ability becomes exeptional and, I would have to say the only firewall I ever was inmpressed with and loved long ago was LockDown Millenium you can make that two firewalls now! cause I am quite impressed and pleased by CFP :slight_smile:

So well done and to Melih and all them admins and Users who have contributed to the firewall greatly by helping out other users with any problems and have given so much advice and help that has contributed to making the firewall exceptional


P.S as a token of my appreciation I am pasting a site i came across yesterday that can be used to read minidump files, click the X’s for any previous minidumps on there to remove them and upload your own and the site will interpret and show the file in a readable form and what caused a BSOD Zack's Domain
I am sure many will find that site very useful as I did, because it makes it simple and easy for us all to check our minidump files without requiring to download a debug tool program to do that