Well Done ! Comodo's Participation with Higher Education Melih !


Like others here I don’t always read the two links at the top of the main forum page 88)

I would like to send Praise to Comodo for their involvement and participation with Higher Education.

Missed completely any announcement that might have been posted about TERENA
Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association.

But this made me smile :wink:

I started wondering about Educational institutions when my daughter went to college about 5 years ago. She just bought an HP laptop with Norton installed, I wanted to put the latest Comodo firewall on it, BUt her college required all connections that used the school network install and ONLY use McAffee (which they supplied) :-\

The college was most likely using something similar to Comodo’s End Point Security Manager.
Now I thought that Comodo Pro would be recommended for Students and Faculty, along with the End Point Security Manager !

Again Thank You for Your work and Comodo’s Involvement (:AGL) (:CLP) (:HUG)