Well Autoupdate for Comodo Antivirus does not work. :(

I reinstalled the CIS already and the auto update still does not work. You guys say that it was silenced but when i look at the main page of CIS the time stayed where i manually updated the signatures. From then the time has not changed therefore the auto update does not work. I hope you can fix this soon otherwise it is going to be very annoying. If i click update now it will work. I think when the Comodo team silenced auto updates, it got disabled. I don’t know how it is working for you because it is definitely not working for me…

I hope this gets fixed. Or at least post a fix tool… :frowning: :frowning:

I think you have something specific to your system going on… There would be a major uproar on the forum if auto-update wasn’t working for anyone.

It’s working for me.