Welcome to the "Moderator Meatball" poll

Welome to the Meatball Moderator poll! By Doomscythe and Comicfan2000. How did this come about? I have no stinking idea. All you have to do is vote for whichever Mod gets the Meatball award! It’s that simple! Have at it!! (:CLP)

Yours Truly, Doomscythe
and Cheers, Paul

Yes, Moderators can vote, I know Melih will! If we left anyone out or you want to be added to the Meatball poll another time, moderators, just post here.

Hee, I casted the first vote. ;D

Yours truly,

I think this is going to be a landslide victory for someone, not saying who… ::slight_smile:

It sure looks that way :smiley:

I will have to make a MEATBALL award. I’ll come up with something.


Here is what the winner recieves…and I will personally engrave, ::)lol, their name on it…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Sorry. But, before I vote I’m going to need the definition of a “Moderator Meatball”. ;D

I don’t think anyone knows ::slight_smile:

Hi kail, there is NO definition, just think of a moderator as this is whatever you would like it to mean and vote, it’s that simple. Cool huh? No? oh. Well just vote darn you! :wink:



I think we should ask Comodo to come up with a Meatball award!
Paulo, Tabom!!


I see. A bit like a political vote then. OK, I just rolled a D6 & voted.

Tabom, is that Italian for get to it, slave away, hurry, or something on that order?



(One of the Brazilian Portuguese ways to say ok? ‘[es]ta bom?’)

But I like the Italian version :slight_smile:

LMAO!!! Next poll, who do you vote to be Melih’s SLAVE? lolll (:CLP)


No Pandlouk??? Shame guys, shame!

Lol cool award, I won’t vote for myself I don’t think that is really fair, I never vote for myself in anything, it gives in unfair advantage in my opinion so in that case I just won’t vote :slight_smile:

oh yeah where is Pandlouk!
lets put him there asap pls.


I added him :wink:

I got loose from work, the chain broke!! I am terribly sorry about Pandlouk! Ummm…It’s Doomscythe’s fault! Yeah! He didn’t give me that name! He’s fired! :wink:
Seriously though, I am still getting used to all the names here. Sorry Pandlouk! :-[
That’s it Doom, you are now going on Melih’s slave list! lol.

Cheers , Paul