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Simple Machines

thank you, and nice to see the forums back. is there going to be a firewall forum, or is everything going to be in this one?

Yes, it is going to be a Forum for all of our COMODO Products!.

Thank You!

Technical Support

Hello, I’ve tried on a couple of posts to upload screenshots using the “additional options” in a reply. What am I doing wrong? ???

I have tried uploading an Test logo here and it seems to be working. Is there any error when you try to upload the screenshot?. Also, please let me know the size of the file which you are trying to upload. So that we can assist you better.

NOTE:- Allowed file types: txt, doc, pdf, jpg, gif, mpg, png —> Maximum attachment size allowed: 128 KB, per post: 4 —> If the size of your screenshot goes more than 128 KB, it will not work!.

Thanks for the reply Peter.I tried a 27KB .jpg and no error message received.
This forum reply section is basically like avast forum and I have no problem uploading pics on their forum.
Where is the test logo you uploaded? tim

Hello ??

Upload Test.

Max size of picture is 200 x 50

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks garry for the reply.Let me make sure I understand. That is 200x50 pixels?
That isn’t a very big pic.Sometimes a screenshot is good in explaining a problem or answer.Thanks tim

Here is a 101 KB image. The limit is currently 128 KB. Looks like the size restrictions are only for the preview, you can still download the full image.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi AJohn, I guess I’m used to seeing the full size image on the forum page, instead of having to save it to desktop ect. :slight_smile:

Yeah, me too. The way image postings are implemented here is however effective not only for their server, but for users such as me and you! Sometimes I get sick of loading images people post only to scroll down past them to get to images someone else posted. This way you get to choose what you spend your bandwidth on ;D

I’m glad to see you approve of the way I set this up :wink:

And I am glad to that someone has something else besides Newbie under their name. ;D
Sometimes its hard to tell the teachers from the students. Keep up the good work.

 BTW how many posts does it take  to become an  "Comodo Evangelist"? ;D

You need to make your computer operate without power first. :wink:
Didn’t you read the requirements? :smiley:

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Thanks garry, This does clear things up a bunch. ;D