"Welcome to" is written twice in welcome email's subject

I’ve registered and received Welcome email from The Welcome to the Comodo Forum Team.
“Welcome to” is written twice in the subject of welcome email.

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The page to which this link takes one is titled: Welcome to the Comodo Forum.

The correct format - for those of us who still give a tinker’s curse about good language usage ( and hence about good communication) - would be: Welcome to “Welcome to the Comodo Forum.”

Greetings all.

Hi Dewson,

«give a tinker’s curse» could be written as «give a tinker’s cuss» or «d amn»
(I used a space because the Software is automatically substituting the latter word for “dang” 88) - fair enough… fine then…)

Who gives a dang about it? ;D

How many users of Comodo are around the world?
Not everyone is a native English speaker. Even many Comodo’s developers are not.

There are Chinese & Russians and Rumanians… etc. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I know for sure only about Russians, since I was communicating with them
… and my Russian is dang good! believe me.

Some can speak and write better, some are having less skills.
We all can make mistakes and typos.

“good language usage” could be important … well it is kinda important, but “good communication” between people can be achieved by using just a “language of gestures”…

The main thing is the will to communicate in civilized manner and the will of trying to understand.

I hope that’s what you meant


Happy New Year everybody! :■■■■