Welcome to ESM beta Forum - posting guidelines

Dear Comodo Beta Force Member,

This board has been set up to provide an area for communicating beta feedback to Comodo Endpoint Security Manager product management and developers.

The rules for Original Posters when creating a new topic is simple: please include the beta build number (e.g. beta1 or 40729.6 (found in Programs and Features)) in parenthesis in your subject and indicate the area/module that you are posting on, such as, for example:

For example:
Console (40729): No connection to server when XYZ happens
Console Dashboard (Beta1): Can’t see XYZ Tile
Server (Beta1): High CPU utilization in ESM server XYZ process
Agent (40729.1): Uninstallation results in XYZ error in CIS
CIS (2040): Manage this Endpoint fails using port XYZ

In each beta report, please indicate the steps to reproduce, whether or not this is a hard issue/very repeatable in your environment, and a complete description of the server installation and PC endpoint involved.

Providing structured information in this manner helps us to replicate the issues you are reporting more quickly so we can make each problem report as effective as it can be.

Thanks in advance for your beta feedback, we look forward to hearing from you.


The Comodo ESM Beta Team