Welcome cis.fan - our new Global Moderator.

Hello everybody.
With effect from 1 April 2011 I became a new Global Moderator on Comodo forum. The decision taken unanimously by the company management Comodo Group, Inc… Please excuse my actions and greet all welcome.
Please, respect Forum Policy.

I hate April fools.
People should really grow up out of this. :-TD
Anyway, it’s after 12:00.

I hate people who are clinging and unable to laugh. In my country is the first of April. I do not want to talk to you, you’re thin boy. My joke was very funny and I like it. Goodbye.

I don’t think elliot’s comment was addressed to you cis.fan so I suggest you apologize ; I don’t want things to go out of control and I don’t want you banned cis.fan.

Valentin N

I was talking about the day in general. I was only saying that a day devoted to deceiving people is bound to get both annoying and boring.
Pranks can go too far and people can start to get a low opinion of you.
I don’t mind the odd prank, but a day devoted to it just sucks me dry.
I meant that after 12:00 AKA afternoon, any prank that is carried out from that point onwards is said to be on you.
I live in England and it is still the 1st April.

Of course, I apologize elliotcroft, but I just do not know for what. I did not offend him. But of course if You elliotcroft feel or felt offended - so I am sorry. And as for banned me Valentin N - if I have to be banned for a joke, and if for any elocution- I do not care about it. This does not speak badly about me, just someone who tries to take away my freedom of speech.
And again - my joke was very funny and I do not have to agree with those who believe otherwise.

You seem to miss the point of what I am trying to say. I said what I said because I don’t want anyone to report you to a mod.

Valentin N

When I saw this title I was like :o :o :o

I should have gotten a mod to make an announcement for me. :a0

Elliotcroft needs to lighten up…we can’t all be like him:


Well, nevermind. I will not say any word more about this matter. This topic could be closed. I expected a nice and positive comments …

Congrats on the faux modship!!! … We will all…uh…be interested in your actions! …


That what you had in mind? 88)

lol. this comment made me laugh

Now that made me
Comodo forums do not have enough smileys.