Welcome back Soya !

Just wanted to say, welcome back. Now it’s safe for me to go again :slight_smile:


I wonder if he’ll stay. :wink:

Welcome back Soya. (:HUG)


Maybe I should merge this with this :THNK:
and this:
and then this:

But… but… they’re all different topics ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, let’s merge them all with this one then


Count me out. I’m not going in there again.

Mhuahahaha, merging now ;D


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

+1 Soya !

Welcome back :slight_smile:

But the next time you stay away for some time tell your fellow Mods ok :wink:

Greetz, Red.

You mean they don’t like surprises? ;D

who’s soya ???

As a matter of fact, I ate soya beans yesterday, for the first time in my life. Not bad at all actually. Apparently they are very healthy. :a0


What ? I hate them… and I have to eat them like every 3 weeks or so :frowning:

Oh, we have a new policy, gotta watch out then (:NRD)




Soya is the Great moderator we all have been missing for a long time. His great and interesting posts will be enlightening to read and we can all learn from that.

It could be someone else also though :wink:


Uh huh. I’m Ganda in disguise hacking into random accounts (again).

With +1 I meant welcome. :smiley: And Ganda does know who’s Soya. The guy whom Ganda sexually assaulted when thinking he was a girl because of the username.

I did not know SOYAbeaner was gone for a while… I did not miss him… (:TNG)… (:LGH)…

Phew! You can direct all that love and care to Ganda. She’ll accept anything that breathes :slight_smile: