Welcome Addition

Hello Everyone,

    Comodo Firewall and Antivirus are just the products I have been looking for.  CAV is definitely a pig on resources, but I know it will get better with time and I have no plans on uninstalling it unless it becomes too hard to do anything else consistently. It found a trojan on my PC that others could not. That made it worth it in just the first day of installation.

I do not have any other firewalls installed and CavEmSrv takes most of my resources when downloading new emails on Outlook 2003, but I’m sure it will get better with new releases. I just wanted to thank you for putting these products out free to the community. They are pleasant to the eye and work well together. I WILL recommend you to others as well as help in any way I can.

Ryan (B)

Thank your for your support Ryan

One thing we can promise you is we will work very hard in making sure to improve every product we have!