Weird windows and CIS display when Scanning [NBZ]

Hi guys

I hope that the answer to my question isn’t posted somewhere, which won’t be a surprise to me if it were; I usually find what am looking for without having to start a thread:

when scanning at some point, windows will just loose every display, Icons every where, start menu, Comodo display panel also will be distorted and almost nothing shows to the point I have to restart every-time, this is so since version 5 , in use now CIS5.3.174622.1216, (XP3, 255, security Comodo only, spywareguard )… it has become so annoying that I don’t scan anymore …

and please since I also have got this ■■■■■■, when downloading a new version I loose everything, is there away to at least allow me to retain the virus data base? I hate how long it takes to download after each re install , I tried everything, used CSC to cleanup before each reinstall, but still, I would really use any tips guys,…

The bug/issue

  1. What you did:
    scanning, scheduled, full scan
  2. What actually happened or you actually saw:
    winows icons, start menu, everything is gone , also CIS interface is no longer accessible,
  3. What you expected to happen or see:
    normal scan
  4. How you tried to fix it & what happened:
    reinstalled, cleaned using CSC, same thing
  5. If its an application compatibility problem have you tried the application fixes here?:
    none of that
  6. Details & exact version of any application (execpt CIS) involved with download link:
  7. Whether you can make the problem happen again, and if so exact steps to make it happen:
    impossible as no access is possible to both windows icons, start menu, or CIS, must reboot.
  8. Any other information (eg your guess regarding the cause, with reasons): I thought it could’ve been some 3rd party cleaning software( stopped all), they were aways available before the issue, I’ve been using them and CIS since almost you guys started

Files appended. (Please zip unless screenshots).

  1. Screenshots illustrating the bug:
    Can not reproduce …
  2. Screenshots of related CIS event logs and the Defense+ Active Processes List:

None available, after reboot CIS reports a successful scan , 0 findings …
3. A CIS config report or file. tryied all configurations, latest when this happen, all default …
4. Crash or freeze dump file:
not available

Your set-up

  1. CIS version, AV database version & configuration used:

  2. a) Have you updated (without uninstall) from CIS 3 or 4:
    no, reinstalled 5 3X
    b) if so, have you tried a clean reinstall (without losing settings - if not please do)?:
    I always loose the configuration everytime I update the software …

  3. a) Have you imported a config from a previous version of CIS:
    just like abovem never
    b) if so, have U tried a standard config (without losing settings - if not please do)?:

  4. Have you made any other major changes to the default config? (eg ticked ‘block all unknown requests’, other egs here.):
    No, but it doesn’t matter, same thing, default configuration, full protection and blockage, some of all, … same thing .

  5. Defense+, Sandbox, Firewall & AV security levels: D+= , Sandbox= , Firewall = , AV =
    all default when last problem occured still is, but before the latest install all were highest …

  6. OS version, service pack, number of bits, UAC setting, & account type:
    Win XP3 / 255/ one account, as admin ( always been so … )

  7. Other security and utility software installed:
    (spywareguard, + erazer, Advanced systemcare free" on demand only" ccleaner, CSC, latest, ) all present
    before this problem occured, when it occured and during , CSC 1 was added recently , also someti,es <dclean, Disk cleaner, was always there …( all of these utilities were disabled ,before the latest reinstall of CIS ) …

  8. Virtual machine used (Please do NOT use Virtual box):
    None, had Returnil for a while then stopped using it …

I believe this would be a bug;

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Thanx Jake buddy,…

how is it now?, is that all you guys need ??

how about the other question about retaining the virus data base at least , quarantine, and such important configurations??and not to have to download about 130 MIGs every time I reinstall, ?