Weird Win 10 ports opening – Possible trojan?

Hi All,

I’m a long time Comodo user. Just lately, my Win 10 laptop has started opening strange local ports such as:
pptconference. (See image of Nirsoft’s Currports attached or URL below).

The ports close when I disable the new Win 10 “user” services, such as:

Clipboard User Service_4ec86
Connected Devices Platform User Service_4ec86
Windows Push Notifications User Service_4ec86

There is nothing on the web about this, so any advice is appreciated!

Hi pj64,

The ports 1701 (L2TP)and 1711 (PPTP) are used for working of VPN connections and the port 1944 seems like a custom port used for some application.
You can try blocking those ports by using a firewall (ensure VPN is turned off)and check the functionality of your applications. If any issue occurs after blocking, you can bring it to our notice.

Mathi R

Yes, seems OK so far. I’ll see how it goes. Because I don’t use VPN, it looks like something has installed itself. I might rebuild.