Weird update behavior

This morning I got the normal popup that said the definitions were being updated, after a while it said I had to restart to apply the update. After rebooting, I checked the DB version and it was back to 2351! I then tried a manual update and it took a few minutes to download and then said I had to restart again. After the restart, I’m on DB 2702. What happened there? Did anyone else experience this?

Have you tried to uninstall then do a clean install, what other kind of spyware are you using?
you aren’t running two firewalls I assume, when ever I uninstall a utility I use the
Revo Uninstaller, it goes behind cleaning up any left overs the application left
behind… you can find it here…


It has nothing to do with any of that I’m sure. This is a fairly recent clean install of Windows and no other security software was installed that runs in real time. I don’t understand what made it do it. The night before it happened, I was browsing the net while playing World of Warcraft and I suddenly got a popup saying “You have discovered a bug in Comodo Internet Security and the program needs to shut down”. It then gave me the option to report it to Comodo,which I did. Immediately afterwards, the game also crashed with a fatal exception error. I have scanned with malwarebytes and found nothing so I guess it was just a random thing. The game has crashed before but Comodo never has. Then the next morning , the thing with the AV DB happened. It was like it set the DB back to the one in the repair folder for some reason.