Weird System hang with SandBox and AutoHotKey_L (speculation)


System: Win7 x64 UAC=on, CIS 5.0, SandBox=on (Limited)

I have twice experienced a totally weird system hang now. I don’t know what caused it. That is why I am not filing a Bug Report.
Here is what I did and what happened plus some wild speculation I want to share:

I was experimenting with automating some Dialogs and Remapping the Multimedia Keys on my Keyboard. I wrote some scripts for AutoHotKey_L (x64)
I was happily starting them lots of times and changing bits here and there.
Autohotkey.chm was sandboxed and I left it at that as I could read the helpfile just fine. I added autohotkey.exe to trusted files.
After running a few scripts all of a sudden a script I ran refused to open. Nothing happened and the spawning application showed an hourglass. The PC responded fine at that moment and I could still move the cursor and hover over windows controls and they would respond (by being highlighted). But as soon as I clicked anything the window i was in completely froze up. I could not click the taskbar, I could not press CTRL-ALT-DEL to open a task manager, everything I touched froze. HDD activity stopped after a while and I was forced to hard reboot. This has happened twice.
After a reboot the script I was working on worked fine again.

I have now disabled the Sandbox via CFP’s Tray Icon and it has not happened again since. The helpfile is now configured as a Trusted Application as an alert came up after deactivating the SandBox.

This is very mysterious. Did anyone experience anything similar? As there were no error messages at all (nothing in Event Viewer or Comodo’s Log Viewer) I am a little helpless.

A quick follow-up: This has obviously nothing to do with AutoHotKey or the Sandbox.
A few minutes ago I had it again. This time I was doing a backup to my external harddisk using Windows Backup. The symptoms were the same. This time Sandbox was off.
I could see on my network that activity (my download running at the time) stopped. But the Backup was still running in background (both HDDs blinking). So I waited and waited and after about 5 to 7 Minutes the system was completely back to normal. Still nothing in all logs. Very weird… I am not really sure it has to do with CIS but it happened the first time after my upgrade to CIS 5.0

Do the workarounds suggested in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? work for you?

My Raid setup went critical yesterday, I think because of a loose SATA cable. Since rebuilding the RAID I didn’t have any trouble. (No data was lost) Maybe this was the cause for my problems. I will keep you posted if it happens again.

I have read that CIS is incompatible with VirtualBox. What exactly is the problem? Does it conflict only inside a VM or with the VM drivers on the Host OS? I have VBox installed and use it often. I have found no problems so far. But I only use it for my host system.

Virtualbox does not support certain OS features CIS uses. For more information check out this post by Lordraiden.

Thank you for the link. I see the problem is on the guest OS side. Knowing these limitation I haven’t even tried to install security software on my guests :slight_smile: Most of the time I use Linux as guest. For those 2 Programs I need I think I don’t need a full ■■■■ security suite. Thanks again for the clarification.

My system is still running fine and no hiccups so far. I have re-enabled the Sandbox and it appears stable now.