Weird Problem- Firewall Related or Not?

I had a strange problem the last couple days. I had recently updated to a newer version of Gmail Notifier and then noticed it stopped working. It would just report it was offline and connect with the servers to give mail status. Then I noticed that I could also no longer update some programs from within them via their update links. For example my Logitech mouse and QuickCam as well as some others. Clicking the “search for updates” links from the programs main toolbar would just give back a message saying I had no internet connection. I have cable and I am always connected.

It seemed like it should be a firewall related problem but turning off Comodo did not help. Yesterday I tried everything I could think of. I uninstalled and re-installed the Notifier a couple more times. I tried making IE my default browser. I changed the security settings in Comodo. I even uninstalled Comodo and my my anti-virus software and disconnected my router. I also tried booting into safe mode with networking. Nothing worked.

Then I gave up. I thought perhaps it was related to some Windows Update hotfix.

Last night I went to a web page in Firefox, my default browser, and the page needed IE to run a Java app. I used my “view in IE” Firefox extension and noticed a Comodo pop-up asking for a permission. My gut knew I had stumbled on the solution.

I then went to one of my problem programs and had it search for updates. Another firewall pop-up and then success. I then re-installed Gmail Notifier. Another firewall pop-up and the log-in dialogue came up (it had not been asking for log-in) and then it connected.

Gmail notifier is back, all my programs can access the net for updates, all is well in Mudville.

If granting permissions in Comodo solved the problem why didn’t removing Comodo also fix the problem? Can anyone tell me what caused this problem, why removing Comodo did not solve it, and how it was eventually resolved with Comodo?

I am attaching the log from last night (2006-8-15) when the problem was resolved.

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Hi cyberspaced and welcome to the forums,

Did you tried to connect to the Intenet after unistalling CPF? If you did and your PC still cound not connect to the Internet, then it has nothing to do with CPF. I suspect it must be some error on the Gmail Notifier or some other programs that causes your computer to behave in such a queer manner. If you have used computer long enough, you will notice that sometimes the best solution to a problem is to leave the PC off for a few days. When you turn them back on, they are back to their old self. Finding the cause of these problems is very tough indeed.

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Did you tried to connect to the Intenet after unistalling CPF?

You don’t understand the problem. My computer never lost it’s internet connection. Certain attempts to connect from within some programs were evidently being blocked. Otherwise how could I have stumbled upon the solution I described?

it must be some error on the Gmail Notifier or some other programs

The problem as described could not reside in any one program as it existed in multiple programs.

That’s why I don’t understand why disabling the firewall did not stop the problem. Stranger still the problem was eventually fixed by giving permissions within the firewall.

BTW: I don’t see why it would ever be necessary to leave the power off for days. I can see removing all power source and leaving it off for five or ten minutes to drain capacitors or memory chips. Sometimes clearing cmos is necessary. “A few days” is definite overkill. I build and repair my computers but if I ever went to a shop and they told me they were going to leave it on the bench for a few days to see if that would fix it I would leave immediately :wink:

What changed? One day (whether CPF was enabled or disabled) you either had no internet access or rules that were blocking them. The next day you were getting popups like you should have in the first place.

What happened in between? A reboot? CPF reinstall?


I always had internet access for the most part. Just some apps like Gmail Notifier, Logitech mouse & cmera, and otheres could access the internet to connect with their update servers. there were no Comoco pop-ups, just nothing happened. Gmail reported it was off-line and the other apps gave dialogues reporting I was not connected to the internet (I was).

The only thing "different " that happened is what I described. I eventually wen to a website in Firefox that required MS IE to run some applet. I used my Firefox extension “view this page in IE” to open the page in Internet Explorer. At that point I got a Comodo pop-up (should be in the log I attached). I gave the permission and opened up IE.

After that I started getting Comodo pop-ups in the other “problem” apps when I tried to have them connect with their update servers. Also Gmail Notifier started popping up the log-in dialogue again. That was it, problem resolved, no more issues.

I suspect this is one for the Comodo code guys.