Weird Prob; FF sandboxed though not showing in "Sandboxed Items"

Hi Guys

this is such a weird find; I had Firefox Sandboxed about a month ago, a couple of days earlier I wanted to release it to update it, though it shows in the Sandbox interface that it is indeed running as such, it is no where to be found on the list of " Sandboxed Items of Defense Plus computer Policy’s list" so It could be released or status edited,

so any Ideas , please??
-Using CiS 5.12.

No answer? though this could be a Bug?

How did you add Firefox to run in the sandbox?

Hi, wasgij6 and Thank you very much for the response :

Defense+/Computer security Policy/ Always Sandbox ( one of my favorite comodo modules, and the best ever created in any firewall, so thank you COMODO "