weird leak test results

OK so I had CIS 4 setup just like in my signature, and it would pass everything with 340/340. Today I uninstalled and did a clean ( using revo and the match file) reinstall of CIS4 with the same settings but now I am failing impersonation: DDE and impersonation: Coat. Anyone know what is going on?

I think these were two of the ones that failed when I tried your settings as well. I don’t know why many people have varying failure results. That’s why I have left the Sandbox disabled on my system (at least until the next release).

the weird thing is that it was working fine but not it is not. It has to be something. I hope the devs look into it and find out what is causing it.

I just installed CIS version 4.1, but Comodo Leaktests showed my computer vulnerable for Impersonation: DDE.
What can I do to fix it? Thanks in advance.

ii can only get 320 also. i see some people are reporting being able to get 340 though.

Windows7 32bit, only CIS installed.
After install only thing changed is Proactive mode.
330/340 (DDE failed)
340/340 (Sandbox disabled)

Beside Sandbox button I can’t see a change in this version with sandbox, so I’ll continue using CIS with sandbox disabled.

same for me with SB enabled ??? :stuck_out_tongue: with new cis version