Weird incoming svchost.exe connection from the ip

Hum… I just asked about that ip, cause it seems you guys knows a lot of information on ips. ^^

I always use Cqcounter whois service: Whois - IP Address - Domain Name Lookup . There numerous of these services on the web that you can use to check IP addresses with.

It seems that the ip is from something called Colo4 LLC. What’s that? Do you know something about it?

The name Colo4 suggests that it is a data center. Colo is short for colocation. Simply said it adds an extra location to your server park. For example for load balancing.

Are you sure it is incoming traffic? Do you have Live Messenger set to share data with your friends?

I should have take a screenshot of this, right? I was sleepy on the time, but i think it was another 66b on incoming and outgoing log. I don’t remember it well though.

Those little amounts of traffic is only there to maintain the connection. TCP/IP protocol is a protocol with “maintenance” in which client and server communicate to keep the connection. You will see some traffic going in and out.

Oh, i see.
And you have heard about this IP?
Just look at the info if you enter this IP on the web browser.
I’ve googled it the IP from above and says "The research report for has been generated. We have found that the title of is “Internet Measurements at USC/ISI and Colorado State”.

The server IP Address is and resides in Japan."

What the… Colorado, japan? lol
BTW, this IP just send two ping requests for about 11 minutes as the site says(my router firewall blocked it). This site is weird.