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Weird things are happening. Is it me or COMODO?

I have several problems in Windows 7 every now and then. Some appear only once, some come back some time. Today I am motivated enough to come here and ask for help:

during 2015:

After booting Windows I got a black (my usual desktop color) screen sometimes with only the COMODO Widget. No symbols, no task bar, Windows shortcuts didn't work. As far as I remember: the only thing that worked was Ctrl+Alt+Del. I could start processes by hand in task manager. Log off led to the light blue Windows background picture and then freeze.

After some time I thought, that it might only happens just after a new Windows update was installed.

Are there COMODO settings, which can trigger such?


I tried to update Flash, downloaded flashplayer20_d_install.exe, started it.

It seems to me like Comodo is checking something and never finishes.
When I close the Adobe Download Manager window, Internet Explorer pops up to my surprise and does nothing too.
Could anyone please explain this to me?


I was just reading something about Windows updates while playing some game. I realized that I didn't get any update notifications for Windows for many days, so I started the Windows Update window myself. (I am using option 3: search for updates, download manually.) There were several updates from the past weeks. So I started Downloading and installing. When I rebooted Windows for final installation of some updates, the light blue screen with progress information stopped at 15%. After waiting for like 10 minutes, I did a cold reboot. Updates were installed and I tried to start the game again. But the Launcher seemed like he couldn't connect to the internet or is searching for a very long time. I took a look at COMODO and saw many Sandboxed Apps. conhost.exe was started several times, one for each subroutine of the game. I thought a part of Windows might have changed and needs some sort of scan according to COMODO. And conhost is indeed unknown and shall be submitted but can't be submitted at the moment because the connection couldn't be established.

Windows Update option three is telling me, when there are updates available, doesn’t it?
Which settings in COMODO can block Windows to tell me that there are updates?
Which settings in COMODO can block Windows from installing updates successfully after leaving the desktop?
Why is conhost.exe in the Sandbox?
Why can COMODO not submit and check it?
Is this COMODO file submission system using a different system to connect to the internet than the COMODO Update?
Which Firewall permissions does System need to not block important events?

I think, I know that System needs some permissions, but not to connect to the internet at will. However, from time to time I wonder, if a problem is caused by my rules.

Does rebooting the computer fix the problem for you? Also run Windows Update to see if there are updates left to install. What are your Active HIPS Rules? Can you show a screenshot of them?

Which one of all my problems did you mean?
Rebooting never helped apart of the 2015 problem, where I wrote it.

Sure, that is what I meant, when I wrote “so I started the Windows Update window myself”.

I could screenshot so many different parts under HIPS, which part do you mean?

I was wondering if you made changed to Active HIPS Rules. Could you post a screenshot of them?

I made changes pretty much everywhere, but I don’t know the term “Active HIPS Rules”.
According to Active HIPS Rules, Network Access, Internet Protection | Internet Security v6.2 you might mean the list of programs that have saved decisions from alerts.
The “HIPS Rules” section is many pages/screens long and includes more or less every executable that did something in the past. To show many screenshots with all these adresses makes no sense to me.