weird executable

hello support,

i have a file asking for permission to access

the file looks weird


i have not given it permission or blocked it

anybody with an idea what this is .

i am searching my computer for it now.



The CIS logs should show the location of the file, if you find it then upload it to virustotal and see if it is detected by anything, as you say it has a suspicious filename.

If you did not give it permission it will be blocked because of the Default Deny architecture. See if it shows up in Killswitch or other Taskmanager(like) program and then ask for the properties of the file and see in which folder it is installed.

Are you using Avast? It could be an emergency update.

In the question windows you can press the name of the file, it shows you the info window for it.
(Mostly its overlapped by the question window, so you need to remove that window first).
Then you can see if its from avast