Weird emails

I don’t know if this is the right spot but I have been testing out CIS Premium (free) and got a strange email from sales by a person who I will not name in case there is some confusion. That email was re a certificate I “bought” for Comodo but I never have!
The return email from that person used as the address had the Comodo logo and all but that address immediately aroused my suspicions.
The subsequent emails to the main Comodo home site have left me very frustrated and getting and a tad nervous re using CIS as I cannot get a satisfactory answer from sales. I have been referred to a site that I have to log into and the whole situation is getting ridiculous - I just need a simple answer!

Hello Dragonbreath. Let’s see if we can clear this up.

Do I understand you correctly that you never did buy or try to buy a Comodo certificate?

Can you forward that email to me (I will pm you an email address you can sent it to)? I want to see if this email is coming from Comodo or from a spammer.

Eric sorry for late reply mate no I don’t ever remember buying anything the only thing I can think of is that I hit the trial instead of the free premium when I downloaded the app. Even so why would I get an email for the purchase of a certificate when using a trial?

I did contact the main New Jersey sales people and they did say that Glenn Howard did exist and that he was some sales account manager, which again sparked my suspicion as why would some top executive contact me and not simply someone in the office that managers usually (in my experience) delegate other office staff to contact people.

What I find is disturbing is that whoever this comes from is using the exact Comodo logo on the messages and while I am reasonably on the ball there must be people who would simply accept it as genuine. Having said that I haven’t been asked for any money or requests to purchase Comodo proper.

In any case it is making me feel very uneasy as I have been testing Comodo with a view to buy the full version but with this episode of strange goings on am wondering whether or not to or even use it as a free testing app.

It would be nice to get this sorted as I find Comodo one of the best suites that I have used to date and not to mention the other products that Comodo put out.

I would try to not read too much into it.You already established that the person contacting you is an existing Comodo employee.

It seems to me that there is some type of misunderstanding going on. I just sent an email to Glen Howard with the hope to clear this up.