Weird Color Glitch

I’m using Comodo Dragon Version
Chromium 25.0.1364.97.
Windows 7 64-bit.

There is this weird color glitch when I view certain things. It’s sort of hard to explain so I will provide 2 screenshots of the problem. This glitch does NOT occur when I use Firefox.

Screenshot 1 is of the adobe website.
Screenshot 2 is of an online browser game I play.

I hope you guys/girls can help me out.


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Hi mouse12398,
There appears to be some issues between the current version of CD and the current Flash plug-in.
Temporary disabling flash when it is not required could be used as a workaround until the issue is resolved.

This issue is still present with the current versions of Dragon and Flash.
Dragon V25.2.0.0
Flash Plug-in V11.6.602.180

Bug remains
Adobe Flash Player: 11,6,602,180

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Try disabling the 3d and check if the problem is resolved.

Update the drive NVidia and solve the problem.

Current NVidia Drive: Version - 12/05/2013